2015 Canadian .25oz Gold $10 Polar Bear and Cub
Gold $1502.20
-4.2 Silver $17.11

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2015 Canadian .25oz Gold $10 Polar Bear and Cub
2015 Canadian .25oz Gold $10 Polar Bear and Cub
2015 Canadian .25oz Gold $10 Polar Bear and Cub
2015 Canadian .25oz Gold $10 Polar Bear and Cub

2015 Canadian .25oz Gold $10 Polar Bear and Cub

  • Issued by the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Uncirculated Condition
  • IRA Eligible
  • 1/4 oz .9999 Fine Gold
  • Limited Mintage
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This unique new release from the Royal Canadian Mint portrays a young polar bear cub and its majestic mother ambling across a frozen, glacial expanse toward the icy ocean waters of the extreme Northwest.


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